Messages to my constituents are always interesting. You are not simply people who vote for me every few years. Many of you have become friends and all of you are family. We are one community and our mutual desire to improve our District and our State is what makes us so successful together. That is why it is such a privilege and - in fact - a joy to serve you in the Legislature. I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel towards all of you for the trust you place in me.

From the very first day after you elected me, I have worked ceaselessly to sponsor and advance Legislation which impacts all of us - your families and mine - by forcing Government to live within YOUR means and to take as little as possible out of YOUR pockets. The money you earn belongs to you and your family deserves to hold on to as much of it as possible.

By my work in the Legislature and with your support, I have succeeded in keeping our taxes low. At the same time, through our mutual efforts, we have not only maintained the services you so vitally need, we have actually improved them. We have bucked the trend of other States which either raise taxes or degrade services. With your help, I have been able to craft and advance Legislation which has cut your taxes, improved the economy and made Governmental services better, more streamlined and more efficient.

Together we have done so much for Florida. With your backing, I have:

  • Protected our children's safety by strengthening criminal laws, thereby increasing penalties against sexual predators.
  • Improved our children's education by putting $2 billion dollars back into their classrooms without raising taxes.
  • Stabillized and enhanced your family's budget by passing over $500 million in vital tax cuts to help stimulate the economy and bring countless new jobs to Florida and to our District.

I sincerely hope you find this website to be a useful source of information about my campaign and about what you and I have achieved together to make Florida one of the most dynamic and fastest growing States in the Nation. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the issues, please do not hesitate to contact me at 786-355-4866 or by e-mail at

You have my most sincere pledge that I will continue to work - without fail - on solutions to the challenges that face our families. Together, you and I will make our District an even better place to live, to work and to raise families. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you and for your support in continuing our work together.